The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has developed and launched a new method for the process of filling memorandum. The process of filling a memorandum is to be recognized as “UDYAM REGISTRATION” in the Gazette of India on 26 June, 2020. It came into effect on 1 July, 2020.

This system has been developed and launched by the Central Government. The central Government makes electronic registrations based on self-declaration totally for new enterprises. New enterprises don’t need to upload any documents for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) from the month of July.

The application of “UDYAM REGISTRATION” is aligned with the income tax and GST scheme. Enterprise details can be verified by GSTIN or PAN No.

Methods for Registration of Udyam Certificate

The central government has given us the options of two methods so we can get our Udyam Certificate and download it. These two methods are either by using the Udyam portal or by contacting the Registration expert. We have provided the details below for both the methods. Carefully read all the instructions to register for Udyam Certificate and download it.

Download Udyam Certificate through Udyam Portal

If the turnover of your business comes under the bracket of MSMEs then you should register your business as Udyam with the government to avail all the benefits and aids that government is providing to these enterprises. To register your business as Udyam, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, visit the official site of Udyam portal with the help of given link
  • Now fill all the details that are asked in the form.
  • Upload the clear photo of your Aadhar Card and the PAN card (capture their front side).
  • Then enter the verification code appearing on your screen.
  • Now either hit enter or click on the submit button.
  • Make the payment for your application.
  • Once your application is approved, your business will get registered and documents shall be sent to you.
  • After almost 1-2 hours, you will receive your issued certificate for both manufacturing and service sector.

Download Udyam Certificate by contacting Registration Expert

You can also download your Udyam certificate by contacting the Registration Expert. Follow the steps given below:

  • Send an email on the given email address,
  • Write the subject as “Udyam Certificate Download”.
  • Then in the body of the email, request the authority to send your Udyam Certificate.
  • Mention all the details regarding your Udyam certificate like Udyam Registration Number.
  • After mentioning all the details, you can send your email to the authority and wait for their reply.

Latest Definition of MSME as per the Notification

There are certain parameters set by the government to define Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises. The parameters are listed below:

    • A micro-enterprise, where the investment in plants, machinery and equipment does not exceed 1 crore rupees and the turnover does not exceed 5 crore rupees.
    • A small undertaking where the investment in plants, machinery, and equipment does not exceed 10 crore rupees and the turnover does not exceed 50 crore rupees.
  • A medium-sized company where investment in plants, machinery, and equipment does not exceed 50 crore rupees, and where turnover does not exceed 250 crore rupees.

MSME Ministry Facilitation Mechanism for Entrepreneurs

The MSME ministry has established a good facilitation framework for MSMEs at the district and regional levels in the form of single window systems. This single window system will help those entrepreneurs who for whatever reason can not file the Udyam Registration.

The District Industry Centers (DIC) were made responsible at the district level for facilitating the entrepreneurs. Similarly, the new Champions Control Rooms program by MSME Ministry around the country has been deemed legally accountable for encouraging these Entrepreneurs in registration and even thereafter.

Persons who don’t have a legitimate Aadhaar number will contact the facilitating Single Window Systems. These persons would be asked to bring with them their Aadhaar enrollment request or identity, bank photo passbook, voter ID card, passport or driving license. The Single Window Systems would then make it simpler for them to file as an entity after the Aadhaar number is collected.

An organization with Udyam Registration Number (URN) can update its details online via the web of Udyam Registration. It would include details of the previous financial year’s ITR and GST Return, and any additional information that may be required on the basis of self-declaration. This is in accordance with the notification regarding information updating and the transition period.

Udyam Registration Certificate Download
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