The government of Tamilnadu state introduced an e-sevai app or portal to avail various government services online. The Tamilnadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA) introduced the e-sevai application to deliver various online services required by the citizens through CSC centers. These services will be provided to the public at their doorstep on the 24×7 basis.

People can register their profiles on the e-sevai portal by signing up. After signing up on the portal, they can create a new user ID and password for their login. Once you are logged in the portal, you can avail different services provided by the Tamil Nadu government online and check their certification status. All the services and their respective certificates can be avail by the citizens by following some simple steps.

TNeGA TN e-sevai portal Registration

The TamilNadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA), as a state agency was created to support and run all e-Governance services of the Tamil Nadu Government. The sole purpose of TNeGA is to provide all e-services of the Tamil Nadu Government to common people at a feasible price.

There are several services that are provided by TNeGA which are listed below:

  • Community Certificate.
  • Nativity Certificate.
  • Income Certificate.
  • First Graduate Certificate.
  • Deserted Woman Certificate.
  • Agricultural Income Certificate.
  • Family Migration Certificate.
  • Unemployment Certificate.
  • Widow Certificate.
  • TN RS 4000 Help Rice Card Scheme.
  • Inter-Caste Marriage Certificate.
  • Residence Certificate.
  • Certificates for loss of education records due to disasters.
  • Legal Heir Certificate.
  • OBC (Other Backward Classes) Certificate.
  • Small/Marginal Farmer Certificate.
  • Unmarried Certificate.
  • No male child Certificate.
  • Solvency Certificate.
  • License under pawnbroker act.
  • Money Lender’s License.
  • Application and Renewal of various licenses and certificates.

TN Certificate Status Online

PORTAL                 TN e-sevai Portal
GOVERNANCE Tamilnadu E-Governance Agency
UNDER State Government of Tamil Nadu
DOWNLOAD Community Certificate Download TN
BENEFICIARIES TN State inhabitants 
CATEGORY e-Services

The interested candidates can download and check the status of the certificate for their services by visiting the official portal and logging in there.

How to register online at TN e-sevai Portal

To register online on the Tamil Nadu e-sevai portal, follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, visit the registration page of the TN e-sevai portal by using the link
  • In the registration section, fill in your details and enter the captcha.
  • After filling in all the details and entering the captcha, click on the sign-up button.
  • After signing up, create your user ID and password.

How to check TN e-sevai Certificate Status

  • Visit the official portal of TN e-sevai by using the link
  • Go to the sign-in section and enter your username, password with the captcha.
  • Click on sign in to enter inside the portal.
  • After entering the portal, you will see the list of various benefits/services available.
  • Avail of the service of your need.
  • Then click on the check status button.
  • After clicking on the check status button, enter the application number or transaction number.
  • Then click on the Fetch button and the status of your application certificate will appear there.
  • You can also download the certificate.

How to download TN e-sevai Certificate

To download the Tamil Nadu e-sevai certificate, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the official page of the TN e-sevai portal by using the link
  • Go to the sign-in section and enter your username, password with the captcha.
  • Click on sign in to enter inside the portal.
  • Enter the details that are asked like CAN number, applicant’s name, etc.
  • Then complete your verification process.
  • After verification, applicants will get their certificate/license.
  • The applicants can also download their certificate/license and get its printout.

Vision of TNeGA

Tamil Nadu e-Governance Agency (TNeGA) aims and works to fulfill a Vision, by the means of Information Technology (IT) in Governance and to deliver feasible services to the public at their doorsteps on a 24×7 basis.

This e-Governance Agency was created under the assistance of the Information Technology Department, Government of Tamil Nadu to work as an intrinsic arm of the Tamil Nadu Government with a necessity to drive e-Governance services in the State of Tamil Nadu. This agency has been registered under the Tamil Nadu Societies Act.

With the Policy of achieving the vision of integrated service delivery to the citizens of the state at their nearest location with a very feasible cost. To achieve such a target, a simple front-end delivery mechanism, robust back-end computerization, connectivity with adequate bandwidth (TNSWAN), and support infrastructure (SDC, SSDG, State Portal, and other stakeholders) along with the application software integrated with the required MIS is absolutely necessary.

Objective of e-Sevai

The government is trying to work with the objective and vision to provide all the services online to the public even in the remotest corner of the Tamil Nadu state through Arasu e-Sevai and CSC centers. Arasu e-Sevai centers are working with the vision of availing united access to e-Services of different Government Departments and Agencies on a common platform across the Tamil Nadu State.

The Arasu e-Sevai centers are run and operated by the agencies like Primary Agricultural Co-operative Societies (PACCS), Village Poverty Reduction Committee (VPRC), Tamil Nadu Arasu Cable TV Corporation Ltd (TACTV), TACTV Franchise, International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD), and Village Level Entrepreneurs (VLEs). Currently, there are 12,649 Centres with 13,088 counters functioning across the State.


tnega certificate download – Check Status
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