BGMI also stands for Battle Ground Mobile India is a multiplayer first person survival shooting game. It was first launched in India on July 2, 2021. BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) 2021 was first launched in India for Android Users only. But later on August 18, 2021 it was launched for iOS users as well.

PUBG has been banned from India because of privacy issues as it was said that player’s data was sent to Tencent, the developer of PUBG game. So, BGMI (Battle Ground Mobile India) 2021 came into the spotlight of fans. This game is similar to PUBG (Player’s Unknown BattleGround) where you need to play amongst the group of online players and survive until the end. In this game you can also buy event passes, skins, weapons etc.

To buy the skins, event passes etc. you need to use the unique currencies that are introduced in this game such as Battle Points (BP), Silver Fragments and Unknown Cash (UC). BP and Silver fragments are available for free for every player but UC is available with real money only.

However, you need to complete many challenges, events, synergies and others in BGMI missions to earn these fragments and BPs. But by using some of the tricks discussed in this article, you can get almost free unlimited silver fragments in BGMI.

How to Get Silver Fragments in BGMI?

There are many different methods that you can use to obtain almost unlimited free Silver Fragments in BGMI. Like you can use Battle Points (BP) to purchase silver fragments, you can rank up yourself in high tier to obtain silver fragments or you can open soldier crates. Every method is discussed in detail below.

Many Players do not care about BP and Silver Fragments in BGMI. They directly focus on UC. But Silver Fragments also gives you an option to buy different equipment and skins like Parachutes, Helmet Skins, Bag Skins etc. The most liked thing about Silver Fragments is that you don’t need to rely on your luck.

It also gives you an option to buy something temporarily or permanently. Temporary item purchase requires fewer Silver Fragments while permanent purchase requires more Silver Fragments.

Get Silver Fragments by Reaching Higher Tier in BGMI

Most of the silver fragments in BGMI are available to the players at the start of the season. BGMI has fixed the number of silver fragments awarded to each player according to their highest rank tier level. Players will get Silver Fragments accordingly at the start of the new season, if they achieve an excellent tier level in the previous season.

Below is the listed amount of Silver Fragments awarded to each player according to their highest rank tier level:

                            HIGHEST RANK TIER LEVEL                                         SILVER FRAGMENTS                                
Bronze 200
Silver 400
Gold 600
Platinum 800
Diamond 1000
Crown 1300
Ace 1600
Conqueror 2000

Silver Fragments by Opening Soldier Crate in BGMI

You can collect Silver Fragments in BGMI by opening Soldier Crate as well. But opening the Soldier Crate requires you to spend your Battle Points (BP). There are many chances that you will get Silver Fragments. The only worse thing about this method is that the amount of BP will double every time you open a soldier crate.

It will reach upto 7000 BP at maximum but you will surely get some silver fragments.

how to buy silver fragments from bp in bgmi – Purchase Silver fragments in BP Shop

There is another method to collect silver fragments in BGMI. You can purchase them by using your Battle Points (BP). However, BGMI set the limit, and you can only purchase 25 silver coins per day. Each silver fragment costs you 200 BP coins. So, you need to pay 5000 BP for a total of 25 silver coins.

Also, the most easily available currency is BP. You can easily get it by completing daily challenges. Also, you can activate double BP gain, in which you get double BP.

Is any hack available?

By Complete Missions and Synergy build Up, You can get Silver fragments by completing daily challenges and missions in BGMI. Also, there is a huge chance of getting these coins by playing with your old friends and those friends with whom you have good synergy and have a connection.

How to get silver fragments in BGMI – Unlimited Free Fragments
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